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Bioluminescence Applications Guide


Explore Bioluminescent Assays for Your Research

  • Compact, spiral-bound reference book
  • Covers assays using firefly, Renilla and NanoLuc® luciferases
  • Features GPCR biology, virology and targeted protein degradation applications
  • Includes examples of user applications with citations
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Bioluminescence Applications Guide
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Discover How Bioluminescent Assays Can Aid Your Research

The Bioluminescence Applications Guide (162 pages) is designed to explain why you would choose bioluminescent assays, how they work and important things to consider when designing your experiments. This guide explores the fundamentals behind the various assays using firefly, Renilla and NanoLuc® luciferases and how users apply these assays to their research with special focus on GPCR biology, virology and targeted protein degradation. Each chapter is supported with links to articles, technical manuals, application notes, product selectors, videos, on-demand webinars, peer-reviewed R&D publications and citations for user applications. This guide will increase your awareness of what bioluminescent assays can do for you and help you design future experiments.

  • Learn why bioluminescence is the best choice for plate-based assays.
  • Discover adaptations of the firefly luciferase reaction beyond genetic reporters.
  • Explore how NanoLuc® Luciferase is such a versatile protein reporter.
  • Navigate how bioluminescent assays have been applied by users.


  1. The Bioluminescent Advantage
  2. Bioluminescent Genetic Reporters and Assays
  3. NanoLuc® Luciferase as a Protein Reporter
  4. Adapting Luciferase Reactions to Study Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  5. Applications of Bioluminescent Reporters to Study GPCR Biology
  6. Monitoring Targeted Protein Degradation
  7. Applications of NanoLuc® Technology to Study Virology
  8. Measuring Bioluminescent Assays with a Plate Reader
  9. Live-Cell and Whole-Animal Luciferase Imaging

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