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Welcome to the Promega Webinar Series, an ongoing communication designed to keep you informed. Learn about basic concepts, tips and techniques to help your research, or understand how products were designed and how to implement in your lab. All presentations will be given by Promega scientists and you will have an opportunity to interact with our Technical Service Scientist directly during live events via chat. The webinars are free though we do ask that you register for the events. Registration allows us to send you the URL for the webinar.

Efficiently Build Relevant In Vitro Models Using Human Stem Cell-Derived Tissue Cells, High Performance Transfection and Novel Multiplexed Reporter Techniques

Cell-Based Assays

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Matthew Robers and Brian Jarecki, Ph.D.

This webinar will discuss how highly pure human tissue cells and new transfection techniques can be used to build relevant human cell models that recapitulate disease phenotypes and enable rapid, quantitative analysis of biological pathways.

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Overcoming Key Challenges of Protein Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation with ProteaseMAX™ Surfactant


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dr. Sergei Saveliev

Surfactants such as SDS and Triton X-100 are commonly used during mass spec protein sample preparation, but these compounds are incompatible with reverse phase chromatography and mass spec and must be removed before use. This webinar will cover an easy-to-use mass spec-compatible surfactant that does not require removal prior to analysis. We will demonstrate its use and advantages for in-gel protein digestion, re-solubilization of protein pallets and other key mass spec protein sample preparation steps.

Improving Genetic Analysis: From FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction to MSI Analysis


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rebecca Gorshe

Many molecular genetic analyses start with DNA extracted from FFPE samples, but extraction of amplifiable DNA from these samples is difficult. This webinar will discuss methods to improve molecular genetic analysis starting with FFPE samples. Read additional information below.

Tools for Cell Metabolism: Bioluminescent NAD(P)/NAD(P)H-Glo™ Assays

Cell-Based Assays

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jolanta Vidugiriene, Ph.D.

Measuring nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides in cells and tissues can be challenging but important to understanding cellular energy metabolism especially in cancer. In this webinar we will discuss the challenges and introduce three new bioluminescent assays for rapid and sensitive measurement of redox defining co-factors NAD(P)/NAD(P)H.

Establishment and Optimization of a Potency Assay for an Effector mAb Using "ADCC Reporter Bioassay"

Drug Discovery

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michael Sadick, Ph.D.

The Jurkat cell-based NFAT-luciferase reporter gene bioassay from Promega was chosen to be used as a surrogate assay for classical ADCC. The assay was successfully optimized as a full-96-well assay, with excellent linearity and rebustness.

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