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J. Biol. Chem. 270, 18997-19007. Cellular and molecular barriers to gene transfer by a cationic lipid. 1995

Zabner, J. , Fasbender, A. J. , Moninger, T. , Poellinger, K. A. , Welsh, M. J.

Notes: The Luciferase Assay System was used to study the controlling factors of transfection by liposomal agents. It seemed that movement from cytoplasm to nucleus was a major/dominant controlling event in transfection. (0080)

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J. Neurobiol. 25, 960-973. Sequencing and promoter analysis of the genomic region between the rat neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor beta 4 and alpha 3 genes. 1994

Boyd, R.T.

Notes: The authors used the Transfectam® Reagent to transfect PC12 cells with plasmids derived from the pGL2 Basic Vector. The Luciferase Assay System was used to measure activity. (1395)

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Biotechniques 16, 496-501. Temporal and spatial expression of lipospermine-compacted genes transferred into chick embryos in vivo. 1994

Demeneix, B. A. , Abdel Taweb, H. , Benoist, C. , Seugnet, I. , Behr, J. P.

Notes: Promega's Luciferase Assay System was used to monitor the transfection efficiency of a lipospermin based transfection with intact chicken embryos. (1269)

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Plant Cell 4, 1075-1087. A novel circadian phenotype based on firefly luciferase expression in transgenic plants. 1992

Millar, A.J., Short, S.R., Chua, N.H., Kay, S.A.

Notes: The Luciferase Assay System was used to perform luciferase assays in plants.  The Cell Culture Lysis Reagent (CCLR) was used resulting in a nice standard curve. (0691)

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