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Promega Corporation

Low Volume 384Well PCR Setup Using Promega PCR Master Mix Scientific Poster



Dave Smith1, Joby Jenkins1, Tracy Worzella2, and Bradley Larson2
1TTP LabTech, Cambridge, UK
2Promega Corporation, Madison, WI

Here we demonstrate the robust amplification of genomic DNA targets in a 2μl total volume PCR reaction. The TTP LabTech Mosquito® was used for delivery of DNA sample, PCR primers, and amplification master mix. An MJ Research DNA Engine® (PTC-200) Peltier Thermal Cycler with a 384-well sample block was used to amplify genomic DNA targets of interest. Agarose gel analysis shows the robust amplification of all targets in this 2μl total volume reaction. DNA titration experiments show successful amplification down to 2 picograms of human genomic DNA.

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  • Part# PS041
  • Printed in USA.

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