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pGEM®-7Zf(-) Vector Technical Bulletin

  • Instructions for Use of Product(s)
  • P2371

Literature # TB069

The pGEM®-7Zf(–) Vector is a derivative of the pGEM®-7Zf(+) Vector and differs from it by the orientation of the filamentous phage f1 origin of replication. The plasmid serves as a standard cloning vector, as a template for in vitro transcription and as a template for producing circular ssDNA. The plasmid contains T7 and SP6 RNA polymerase promoters flanking a multiple cloning region within the alpha-peptide coding region of beta-galactosidase. Insertional inactivation of the alpha-peptide allows recombinant clones to be identified directly by color screening on indicator plates. The multiple cloning region is unique and includes restriction sites for ApaI, AatII, SphI, XbaI, XhoI, EcoRI, KpnI, SmaI, Csp45I, ClaI, HindIII, BamHI, SacI, BstXI and NsiI. The polylinker contains restriction enzyme sites that produce 5´ overhangs or blunt ends sensitive to exonuclease III), and these enzyme sites are flanked on both sides by blocks of restriction sites that generate 3´ overhangs (resistant to exonuclease III).

Printed in USA. Revised 12/06.


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