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Mammalian Expression Vectors


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Mammalian Expression Vectors
Mammalian Expression Vectors

Promega mammalian expression vectors include many choices for expression of cloned sequences in mammalian cells. Our vectors include the multi-purpose Flexi® Vectors, the pCMVTNT™ Vector, the pTargeT™ T-Vector, Regulated Mammalian Expression Systems, and the CheckMate™ Systems for expression of proteins and subsequent identification of protein interactions.

Featured Products

HaloTag® Fusion Vectors

Choose from N- or C-terminal HaloTag fusion Vectors that allow variable expression of proteins from the full-length CMV promoter or CMV deletion mutants. The HaloTag allows imaging or purification of expressed fusion proteins.

Mammalian Two-Hybrid System Vectors

Part of the CheckMate™ Flexi® System, the pFN10A(ACT) and pFN11A(BIND) Vectors are used to confirm, validate and study suspected interactions between two proteins or domains.

pTARGET™ Mammalian Expression Vector

Easily clone and express PCR products in mammalian cells. Contains CMV promoter region to promote constitutive expression of cloned DNA. Neomycin resistance gene for selection of transfected cells.

Regulated Mammalian Expression

Rapidly turn expression on or off. The pF12A and pF12K Flexi® Vectors, and the pReg neo Vector allow dose-response induction of protein expression.

Featured Resources

pubhub_fr The Flexi® Vector Systems: The Easy Way to Clone

Here we introduce the Flexi Vector Systems, which make it easy to transfer inserts between vectors, simplifying the study of multiple aspects of protein function.

protocols_fr HaloTag® Technology: Focus on Imaging Technical Manual

A protocol for imaging live or fixed cells expressing HaloTag® protein, for analyzing post-translational modification of labeled fusion proteins, and isolating proteins and protein complexes.

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