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HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System

The most well characterized cell-free system for in vitro transcription of eukaryotic genes is derived from HeLa cell nuclei. HeLa nuclear extracts can support accurate transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II and exhibit both basal and regulated patterns of RNA polymerase transcription. The nuclear extract is also a source for a variety of transcription factors, DNA-binding proteins and the enzymatic machinery involved in RNA processing.

The HeLa Nuclear Extract included in the HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System is prepared by a modification of the method of Dignam et al. Extracts p...

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HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System

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HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract in vitro Transcription System


  • MgCl2

    A357A1 x 500μl
  • HeLaScribe® Nuclear Extract Transcription Grade

    E309A2 x 20 reactions
  • HeLa Nuclear Extract 1X Transcription Buffer

    E360A1 x 400μl
  • HeLa Extract Stop Solution

    E361A1 x 15ml
  • HeLa Nuclear Extract Positive Control DNA

    E362A1 x 300ng
  • Loading Dye

    E371A1 x 1ml
  • rATP, 100mM

    E601A1 x 15μl
  • rUTP, 100mM

    E602A1 x 15μl
  • rGTP, 100mM

    E603A1 x 15μl
  • rCTP, 100mM

    E604A1 x 15μl
  • Nuclease-Free Water

    P119A1 x 1,250μl
40 reactions
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Storage Conditions

Store at –70°C. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles of the extract.

Unit Definition

One unit is defined as the amount of HeLaScribe® Extract required for the incorporation of 50fmol of nucleotides into a 363-nucleotide run-off transcript generated from the CMV immediate early promoter fragment per hour at 30°C using standard conditions.

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