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Signaling Pathway Analysis (Minimal Promoter-Driven) Firefly Luciferase Vectors

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Creating a cell line with an indicator of a functional signaling pathway is useful for deciphering the components in a signaling pathway. These tools are made by insertion of multiple repeats of a response element upstream of a minimal promoter (minP). Promega has designed vectors that report the activity of a variety of pathways using the optimized luc2 firefly luciferase gene in the pGL4 backbone. These vectors also have a hygromycin resistance selectable marker, allowing use either in transient transfection experiments or for selection of a stable cell line.

Available vectors and the pathways ...

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Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart
pGL4.37[luc2P/ARE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E3641 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.38[luc2P/p53 RE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E3651 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.39[luc2P/ATF6 RE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E3661 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.40[luc2P/MRE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4131 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.41[luc2P/HSE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E3751 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.42[luc2P/HRE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4001 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.43[luc2P/XRE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4121 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.44[luc2P/AP1 RE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4111 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.45[luc2P/ISRE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4141 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.47[luc2P/SIE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4041 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.48[luc2P/SBE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E3671 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.49[luc2P/TCF-LEF RE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4611 $ 395.00 Add to cart
pGL4.52[luc2P/STAT5RE/Hygro] Vector 20μg
- E4651 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.29[luc2P/CRE/Hygro] Vector

- E8471 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.30[luc2P/NFAT-RE/Hygro] Vector

- E8481 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.32[luc2P/NF-κB-RE/Hygro] Vector

- E8491 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.33[luc2P/SRE/Hygro] Vector

- E1340 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.34[luc2P/SRF-RE/Hygro] Vector

- E1350 $ 395.00 Add to cart

Available Separately

Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart

pGL4.23[luc2/minP] Vector

- E8411 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.24[luc2P/minP] Vector

- E8421 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.25[luc2CP/minP] Vector

- E8431 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.26[luc2/minP/Hygro] Vector

- E8441 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.27[luc2P/minP/Hygro] Vector

- E8451 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.28[luc2CP/minP/Hygro] Vector

- E8461 $ 395.00 Add to cart

GloResponse™ CRE-luc2P HEK293 Cell Line

2 vials
- E8500 $ 11,523.00 Add to cart

GloResponse™ NFAT-RE-luc2P HEK293 Cell Line

2 vials
- E8510 $ 11,523.00 Add to cart

GloResponse™ NF-κB-RE-luc2P HEK293 Cell Line

2 vials
- E8520 $ 11,523.00 Add to cart

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pGL4.37[luc2P/ARE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858521; pGL4.37[luc2P/ARE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.38[luc2P/p53 RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858522; pGL4.38[luc2P/p53 RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.39[luc2P/ATF6 RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858519; pGL4.39[luc2P/ATF6 RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.40[luc2P/MRE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858515; pGL4.40[luc2P/MRE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.41[luc2P/HSE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858520; pGL4.41[luc2P/HSE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.42[luc2P/HRE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858518; pGL4.42[luc2P/HRE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.43[luc2P/XRE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858513; pGL4.43[luc2P/XRE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.44[luc2P/AP1 RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858516; pGL4.44[luc2P/AP1 RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.45[luc2P/ISRE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858514; pGL4.45[luc2P/ISRE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.47[luc2P/SIE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858512; pGL4.47[luc2P/SIE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.48[luc2P/SBE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JQ858517; pGL4.48[luc2P/SBE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.49[luc2P/TCF-LEF RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JX099537; pGL4.49[luc2P/TCF-LEF RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.52[luc2P/STAT5 RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number JX206457; pGL4.52[luc2P/STAT5 RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.23[luc2/minP] Vector Accession Number DQ904455; pGL4.23[luc2/minP] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.24[luc2P/minP] Vector Accession Number DQ904456; pGL4.24[luc2P/minP] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.25[luc2CP/minP] Vector Accession Number DQ904457; pGL4.25[luc2CP/minP] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.26[luc2/minP/Hygro] Vector Accession Number DQ904458; pGL4.26[luc2/minP/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.27[luc2P/minP/Hygro] Vector Accession Number DQ904459; pGL4.27[luc2P/minP/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.28[luc2CP/minP/Hygro] Vector Accession Number DQ904460; pGL4.28[luc2CP/minP/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.29[luc2P/CRE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number DQ904461; pGL4.29[luc2P/CRE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.30[luc2P/NFAT-RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number DQ904462; pGL4.30[luc2P/NFAT-RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.32[luc2P/NF-κB-RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number EU581860; pGL4.32[luc2P/NF-κB-RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.33[luc2P/SRE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number FJ773212; pGL4.33[luc2P/SRE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.34[luc2P/SRF-RE/Hygro] Vector Accession Number FJ773213; pGL4.34[luc2P/SRF-RE/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

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