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Protein Interaction Analysis Tools

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The CheckMate™/Flexi® Vector Mammalian-Two Hybrid System applies the principles of the yeast two-hybrid system to mammalian systems. Putative interacting proteins are inserted into the BIND (pFN11A) and ACT (pFN10A) vectors and transfected with the reporter construct, pGL4.31. If the proteins interact, they bring the GAL4 DNA Binding domain (BIND) in close proximity to the VP16 activation domain (ACT) initiating transcription on the pGL4.31 reporter construct, leading to generation of the firefly luciferase. Successful interactions can be assessed with the Dual-Luciferase® Reporter Ass...

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CheckMate™/Flexi® Vector Mammalian Two-Hybrid System

1 each
- C9360 $ 809.00 Add to cart

pGL4.31[luc2P/GAL4UAS/Hygro] Vector

- C9351 $ 402.00 Add to cart

pFN10A (ACT) Flexi® Vector

- C9331 $ 322.00 Add to cart

pFN11A (BIND) Flexi® Vector

- C9341 $ 322.00 Add to cart

CheckMate™ Positive Control Vectors

1 set
- C9370 $ 220.00 Add to cart

CheckMate™ Negative Control Vectors

1 set
- C9380 $ 146.00 Add to cart

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pGL4.31[luc2P/GAL4UAS/Hygro] Vector Accession Number  DQ487213; pGL4.31[luc2P/GAL4UAS/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pFN10A (ACT) Flexi® Vector Accession Number DQ487211; pFN10A (ACT) Flexi® Vector sequence text file.
pFN11A (BIND) Flexi® Vector Accession Number DQ487212; pFN11A (BIND) Flexi® Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C.

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