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Promoter-Driven Control Firefly and Renilla Luciferase Vectors

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The Promoter-driven Renilla control vectors are commonly co-transfected with experimental firefly luciferase vectors for use in the Dual-Luciferase® or Dual-Glo® Reporter Assay Systems. The control Renilla vectors should give an almost invariant level of activity, while the experimental firefly vector varies with treatment. The promoter-driven pGL4.13 firefly vector can be used in situations where the experimental vector is designed in a Renilla vector. The pGL4.50 and pGL4.51 are useful for tagging a cell line and offer a selectable marker for creating stable transfectants. The pGL4.5...

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pGL4.50[luc2/CMV/Hygro] Vector

- E1310 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.51[luc2/CMV/Neo] Vector

- E1320 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.13[luc2/SV40] Vector

- E6681 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.53[luc2/PGK] Vector

- E5011 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.54[luc2/TK] Vector

- E5061 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.73[hRluc/SV40] Vector

- E6911 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.74[hRluc/TK] Vector

- E6921 $ 395.00 Add to cart

pGL4.75[hRluc/CMV] Vector

- E6931 $ 395.00 Add to cart

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pGL4.50[luc2/CMV/Hygro] Vector Accession Number EU921840; pGL4.50[luc2/CMV/Hygro] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.51[luc2/CMV/Neo Vector Accession Number EU921841; pGL4.51[luc2/CMV/Neo Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.13[luc2/SV40] Vector Accession Number AY738225; pGL4.13[luc2/SV40] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.53[luc2/PGK] Vector Accession Number KM359768; pGL4.53[luc2/PGK] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.54[luc2/TK] Vector Accession Number KM359769; pGL4.54[luc2/TK] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.73[hRluc/SV40] Vector Accession Number AY738229; pGL4.73[hRluc/SV40] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.74[hRluc/TK] Vector Accession Number AY738230; pGL4.74[hRluc/TK] Vector sequence text file.
pGL4.75[hRluc/CMV] Vector Accession Number AY738231; pGL4.75[hRluc/CMV] Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C.

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