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Regulated Mammalian Expression System

The Regulated Mammalian Expression System features low basal levels, robust and rapid induction, and downregulation of gene expression in mammalian cells. The Regulated Mammalian Expression System is based on a novel on/off switch that relies on the rapid and sensitive modulation by coumerin-related compounds of a chimeric transactivator protein. Nanomolar concentrations of the antibiotic coumermycin promote homodimerization of a chimeric transactivator that, in turn, binds to lambda operator sequences located upstream of a minimal promoter driving transcription of coding sequences for a protein of interest. The l...

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Regulated Mammalian Expression System

1 system
- C9470 Please Enquire

Coumermycin A1

- C9451 Please Enquire

Novobiocin Sodium Salt

- C9461 Please Enquire

Available Separately

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pReg neo Vector

- C9421 Please Enquire

pF12A RM Flexi® Vector

- C9431 Please Enquire

pF12K RM Flexi® Vector

- C9441 Please Enquire

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pReg neo Vector Accession Number EF030522; pReg neo Vector sequence text file.
pF12A RM Flexi® Vector Accession Number EF030520; pF12A RM Flexi® Vector sequence text file.
pF12K RM Flexi® Vector Accession Number EF030521; pF12K RM Flexi®Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C.

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