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STR Analysis for Forensic and Paternity Testing Products

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  • Products (24 Items) in STR Analysis for Forensic and Paternity Testing
  • 2800M Control DNA (Catalog)
  • 2800M Control DNA. The 2800M Control DNA is a single-source male human genomic DNA. This DNA can be used as ...
  • Biochemical Reagents (Catalog)
  • Biochemical Reagents. Promega offers supporting reagents for separation, hybridization and detection of specific loci in the human genome. ...
  • Gold ST*R 10X Buffer (Catalog)
  • Gold ST★R 10X Buffer. Gold ST★R 10X Buffer can be used to amplify STR loci using AmpliTaq Gold® DNA polymerase. ...
  • PowerPlex® 16 System (Catalog)
  • PowerPlex® 16 System. The PowerPlex® 16 System is a multiplex STR system for use in DNA typing, including paternity ...
  • PowerPlex® 21 System (Catalog)
  • PowerPlex® 21 System. The PowerPlex® 21 System is a multiplex STR system for human identification applications including ...
  • PowerPlex® CS7 System (Catalog)
  • PowerPlex® CS7 System. The PowerPlex® CS7 System is a multiplex STR assay for relationship testing and human identification. ...
  • PowerPlex® S5 System (Catalog)
  • PowerPlex® S5 System. The PowerPlex® S5 System is a mini-STR kit that allows co-amplification and detection of four ...
  • PowerPlex® Y23 System (Catalog)
  • PowerPlex® Y23 System. The PowerPlex® Y23 System is a 23-loci, 5-color Y-STR multiplex designed for genotyping forensic ...

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Scientists at Your Service

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