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What's Your Type? – Small (<400μl)

Processing <400μl of blood per sample with low- to medium-throughput?
(<24 samples/run)

Promega offers a range of systems for processing up to 400μl of whole blood. Manual or automated, low- or medium-throughput, we have an optimized solution for you.

ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System | Maxwell® 16 Blood DNA Purification Kit | ReliaPrep™ 96 gDNA Miniprep HT System | Wizard® Genomic DNA Purification Kit

  • Sample volume:
    <200μl of blood
  • Throughput:
    <24 samples/hour
  • Format:
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ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System Reliable, Ethanol-free Purification for Consistent Results

This easy-to-use system provides a column-based separation method with optimized reagents.

  • Consistent Results: Reproducible yields and purity, even with challenging samples.
  • Ethanol-free Protocol: No inhibition of downstream applications.
  • Ready-to-use Convenience: No reagent additions are required.
  • High Purity gDNA: Improved A260/A230 ratios.
  • Fast Protocol: Process 24 samples in less than 1 hour.

Comparison of elution volume with concentration, yield and purity.

Aliquots of blood (200μl) were processed using the ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System (n=4) and eluted with 30–200μl of Nuclease-Free Water. Concentration (Panel A), total yield (Panel B) and purity (Panel C) were assessed using absorbance spectroscopy. Yield decreased slightly with decreases in elution volume, while concentration increased. Purity ratios, as measured by optical density, remained constant.

  • Sample volume:
    50–400μl of blood
  • Throughput:
    ≤16 samples/run
  • Format:
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Maxwell® 16 Blood DNA Purification Kit Reliable, Convenient, Automated gDNA Purification

  • Hands-free gDNA Extraction: Protocol programmed for easy automation of up to 16 samples per run on the Maxwell® 16 Instrument.
  • Fast Purification: Pure gDNA within 45 minutes on the Maxwell® 16 Instrument.
  • Reliability: Consistent gDNA yields and purity from operator-to-operator.

DNA isolated from blood samples obtained from six donors. Panel A. Aliquots from each sample were resolved by agarose gel electrophoresis (lane M, Lambda DNA/HindIII Markers). Panel B. Equal volumes of each sample were amplified using a primer pair specific for Human Growth Factor II gene (lane M, DNA ladder; lane B, no-template control).


  • Sample volume:
    100–350µl blood;
    700µl Oragene®
    saliva sample
  • Throughput:
    96 samples in
    about 2 hours
  • Format:
    96 well plate
    (deep well)
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ReliaPrep™ 96 gDNA Miniprep HT System

A simple and reliable method for the rapid isolation of gDNA in a multi-well format.

  • Improve Productivity: Walkaway automation of genomic DNA extraction.
  • Eliminate Sample Rework: Robust, precipitation-free protocol, no chance of "lost pellets".
  • Simplify Workflow: High yields of pure DNA from pristine and challenged or hemolysed samples.
  • Reduce Time to Results: Pure gDNA ready for demanding applications—samples in solution—no resuspension required.


Blood from a single individual was processed either fresh or after a freeze/thaw cycle. 50 – 350µl blood was processed per well using the automated system. DNA was quantitated by absorbance spectroscopy using a NanoDrop Spectrophotometer.


  • Sample volume:
    50μl–10ml of blood
  • Throughput:
    24 samples/hour
  • Format:
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Wizard® Genomic DNA Purification Kit Precipitation-Based Purification Scalable to Your Sample Volume

This easy-to-use, precipitation-based gDNA extraction method adjusts to any sample volume. The system offers a manual protocol that is:

  • Fast and Simple: Rapid isolation of gDNA from blood in less than 1 hour using a 4-step precipitation method.
  • Scalable: Reagent volumes can be adjusted to your sample size for optimal gDNA yields.
  • Flexible: Pure gDNA from tissue culture, animal, plant cells, bacteria or yeast. Learn More
  • Stable: Purified gDNA stable for long-term storage.

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