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In vivo Imaging

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Cell and whole animal imaging with NanoLuc luciferase
Image Cells or Whole Animals

With NanoLuc® Luciferase, you can perform bioluminescent imaging in whole animals or view subcellular protein localization in intact cells. Exposure times can be reduced to only a few seconds compared to the minutes required for other luminescent reporter proteins.

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Featured Products

Soluble, Non-Toxic in vivo Imaging: VivoGlo™ Caspase 3/7 Assay

Directly visualize and quantify apoptosis with any cell line or transgenic mouse expressing firefly luciferase.

EnduRen™ Live Cell Substrate

Quantitate Renilla luciferase in live cells with high signal-to-background ratios and extended signal kinetics. Ideal for use with kinetic reporter gene analysis, BRET and ddRNAi.

Featured Resources

pubhub_fr In Vivo Evaluation of Regulatory Sequences by Analysis of Luciferase Expression

In this article, we evaluated luciferase expression in mouse liver after hydrodynamic injection of plasmids containing a luciferase reporter and different promoters and regulatory sequences.

PAG_CellImaging_fr Cell Imaging

This Protocols and Applications Guide chapter provides a summary of the reagents researchers can use for imaging studies in virtually any field of investigation.

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