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Promega Corporation

PowerPlex® Y23 System

The PowerPlex® Y23 System is a 23-loci, 5-color Y-STR multiplex designed for genotyping forensic casework samples, database samples and paternity samples.

The PowerPlex® Y23 System works well with extracted DNA samples, including low amounts of template and male/female DNA mixtures. The PowerPlex® Y23 System also is compatible with direct amplification, enabling streamlined Y-STR databasing efforts. Amplification can be successfully performed with sample types such as FTA® card punches as well as pretreated swabs, Bode Buccal DNA Collector™ punches or S&S 903 punches.

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Cat.# DG3801 is being discontinued and will be replaced by Cat.# DG5201.

Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart
PowerPlex® Y23 System 50 reactions
- DC2305 $ 1,708.00 Add to cart
PowerPlex® Y23 System 200 reactions
- DC2320 $ 6,466.00 Add to cart

Available Separately

Product Size Conc. Catalog # *List Price QTY Add to Cart

PowerPlex® 5C Matrix Standard

5 preps
- DG4850 $ 155.00 Add to cart

WEN Internal Lane Standard 500 Y23

- DG5201 $ 636.00 Add to cart

CC5 Internal Lane Standard 500 Y23

- DG3801 $ 661.00 Add to cart

2800M Control DNA

10ng/μl DD7101 $ 98.00 Add to cart

2800M Control DNA

0.25ng/μl DD7251 $ 76.00 Add to cart

Water, Amplification Grade

(5 × 1,250μl)
- DW0991 $ 32.00 Add to cart
SwabSolution™ Kit 100 preps
- DC8271 $ 1,082.00 Add to cart

PunchSolution™ Kit

100 preps
- DC9271 $ 865.00 Add to cart
5X AmpSolution™ Reagent 100 preps
- DM1231 $ 725.00 Add to cart

Storage Conditions

Store kit at –30°C to –10°C. Upon receipt, store 2800M Control DNA at 2–10°C. After first use, store WEN ILS 500 Y23 at 2–10°C; do not refreeze.

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