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GloSensor™ cAMP Assay

The GloSensor™ cAMP Assay presents a novel approach to measuring cAMP levels in live cells. cAMP is a key second messenger involved in signal transduction of GPCRs acting through Gα-s and Gα-i proteins. The new assay is based on the GloSensor™ Technology, a genetically modified form of firefly luciferase into which a cAMP-binding protein moiety has been inserted. Upon binding of cAMP, conformational change is induced leading to increased light output. This live-cell assay excels at kinetic and modulation studies of signaling through cAMP.

Researchers can use the GloSensor™ cAMP Assay by transiently ...

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GloSensor™ cAMP HEK293 Cell Line

2 vials
- E1261 $ 11,426.00 Add to cart

pGloSensor™-22F cAMP Plasmid

- E2301 $ 629.00 Add to cart

pGloSensor™-20F cAMP Plasmid

- E1171 $ 648.00 Add to cart

GloSensor™ cAMP Reagent

- E1290 $ 402.00 Add to cart

GloSensor™ cAMP Reagent

- E1291 $ 1,602.00 Add to cart

GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pGloSensor™-20F cAMP, EU770615; pGloSensor™-20F cAMP Vector Sequence (.txt file)
pGloSensor™-22F cAMP, GU174434; pGloSensor™-22F cAMP Vector Sequence (.txt file)

Storage Conditions

Store the pGloSensor™ cAMP Plasmid at –20°C and the GloSensor™ cAMP Reagent at –70°C. Store the resuspended GloSensor™ cAMP Reagent at –70°C in single-use aliquots.

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