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DNA-PK Kinase Enzyme System

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Native human DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase (DNA-PK) purified from HeLa cells. DNA-PK consists of an approximately 460kDa catalytic subunit and a heterodimeric DNA-binding subunit (Ku) containing an 85kDa and an 70kDa peptide (1). The gene sequence can be found at accession number NM_006904.

ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay is a luminescent kinase assay that measures ADP formed from a kinase reaction; ADP is converted into ATP, which is a substrate in a reaction catalyzed by Ultra-Glo™ Luciferase that produces light. The luminescent signal positively correlates with ADP amount and kinase...

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DNA-PK Kinase Enzyme System

2,500 units
- V4106 $ 430.00 Add to cart

ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay + DNA-PK Kinase Enzyme System

1 each
- V4107 $ 860.00 Add to cart

Storage Buffer

25mM HEPES (pH 7.5), 50mM KCl, 0.2mM EDTA, 10mM MgCl2, 1mM DTT, 10% glycerol.

DNA-PK Activation Buffer

100µg/ml calf thymus DNA in 1X TE.

Storage Conditions

Upon receipt, centrifuge the kinase and dispense it into smaller quantities. Store the kinase at –70°C and the rest of the components at –20°C.

Unit Definition

One unit is the amount of enzyme required to incorporate 1pmol of phosphate into DNA-PK Peptide Substrate (Cat.# V5671) in 1 minute at 30°C.

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