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Wizard® Plus Megapreps DNA Purification System

Wizard® Plus Megapreps DNA Purification System provides a simple and rapid method for large-scale purifications of plasmid DNA that eliminates the need for cesium chloride:ethidium bromide gradient centrifugation. Use of this system requires only a centrifuge, a vacuum source and a vacuum manifold. The system yields greater than one milligram of high-copy-number plasmid DNA (200–20,000bp) from a 1,000ml culture in less than three hours. The purified DNA is eluted in Nuclease-Free Water (Cat.# P1193) or TE buffer and can be used directly for DNA sequencing and restriction digestion without further manipulation. The...

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Wizard® Plus Megapreps DNA Purification System

5 preps
- A7300 Please Enquire

Available Separately

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Cell Resuspension Solution (CRA)

- A7112 Please Enquire

Cell Lysis Solution (CLA)

- A7122 Please Enquire

Neutralization Solution (NSA)

- A7131 Please Enquire

Column Wash Solution (CWB)

- A8102 Please Enquire

Wizard® Megapreps DNA Purification Resin

- A7361 Please Enquire

Wizard® Maxi/Megapreps Filtering System

50 each
- A7421 Please Enquire

Storage Conditions

Store at 22–25°C.

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