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                                                 Sales Contacts - Promega Benelux


Nina van den Berge
Netherlands: North and Eastern part and Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)6 53365570
Email Address:


Abbas Koaik
Belgium: Bruxelles (Francophone), Wallonia and Luxembourg
Tel: +32(0)476 57 20 28
Email Address:



Duddy Oyib
Netherlands: Western part including Amsterdam Area
(Noord & Zuid Holland)

Tel: +31 (0)6 14468207
Email Address:


Lindsay Mesure
Belgium: East and West Flanders, Antwerp, (Vlaamstalig) Brussel
Tel: +32 (0)473 375 559
Email Address:


Nikki Minnebo
Netherlands: Southern part; Belgium: Limburg, Leuven and Beerse
Tel: +32 471 42 56 98
Email Address:


Carlos Rossini
Sales Manager Benelux
Tel: +32(0)478 683615
Email Address:


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