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Helix smart on-site stocking
    Your Benefits

Helix is the only on-site stocking system that automates the entire purchasing process – from the scientist obtaining their products to invoicing, inventory and re-order – with the simple swipe of a card.

  • Benefit from exclusive offers, special pricing and free shipping for products sold through Helix

  • Flexibility with the program, specifications and product inventory customised to your needs
  • Discounts on all products stored in the freezer and/or cabinet
  • Comprehensive product and support information at your fingertips
  • Support from Promega AG including regular stock checking and sales analysis to ensure freezer contents suit your research requirementsGet a Helix Pass
   Is There a Helix Unit Near My Lab?

Complete this form to get a list of Helix/PromegaExpress units and corresponding site-codes at your institution. Enter your valid email address at your institution (e.g., to get the right location information.

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1. Click on Site Code
2. Login with your user name and password
3. Click on "View/Edit Profile" in "MyAccount"
4. Click on "Change" in "Contact Information"
5. Enter your site code at the bottom of the page


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