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MBP's expertise in contamination control and its emphasis on meeting the needs of molecular biologists have produced the outstanding products presented in this web site. Every product is manufactured with undeviating attention to quality, using the finest raw materials, highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. This total commitment to quality means that all of MBP's products are satisfaction guaranteed. You can always be sure that your purchases are fully backed by MPB and can by used with the utmost confidence.


ART® Self-Sealing Barrier Tips
Guaranteed carryover protection from patented technology.


MBP Pipet Tips
Precision-molded pipet tips without aerosol barriers.


Solvent Safe Carbon Filter Pipet Tips
For safe and reliable pipetting of strong acids, bases and volatile organic solvents.


Surface Decontaminants
Ready-to-use cleaners that safely and easily remove nuclease and nucleic acid contamination from labware.


Advanced PCR Products
Economical and time-saving products that enhance results and reduce contamination risk in PCR.


Microtube Storage Racks
Colorful and durable racks in space-saving designs to hold a variety of tube formats.


Electroporation Cuvettes
Precision molded electroporation cuvettes


 MbP products can now be ordered online


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