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Training Support Programmes

30% Off Promega Products for Laboratory Courses

Let us help you train the next generation of scientists. Apply for the Training Support Programme and earn a 30% discount on Promega products for use in your laboratory courses.

Who Qualifies?

You qualify for Training Support if you are an instructor in a laboratory-based course taught at high school, undergraduate or graduate level.


Which Products Can I Purchase?

Almost all standard catalogue products qualify*, including:

Subcloning Tools PCR reagents Luciferase Vectors and Luciferase Assays Cell Viability Assays Apoptosis Assays in vitro, bacterial and mammalian protein expression products Protein:Protein; Protein:DNA Interaction tools DNA/RNA Purification products

Discounts only apply to the catalogue list price and will not transfer to "special offers", institutional discounts, or items stocked in PromegaExpress™ Freezers or Cabinets or equipment.

You can download a copy of our current Australian catalogue here, or browse our online catalogue to view all the product selections.

If you have questions about which product to choose, requirements for use of a product or just want to talk through a procedure, please contact our Technical Service Department:

Phone: 1800 225 123 or 02 8338 3800

E-mail: Technical Service

How Do I Get the 30% Discount?

  1. Fill out the Download the Training Support Programme Form (Word form, 1.4MB)
  2. Return the form
  3. We will reply with a quotation and final pricing
  4. Place the order

Who do I contact if I have questions about the programme?

Please contact our Marketing Department if you have further questions about this Programme


* Cell-Based Assays and Genetic Identity products will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Educational Resources and Training Support

Lectures, labs and teaching guides on topics ranging from DNA purification to emerging infectious disease. Download lecture presentations, animations, and laboratory protocols for your classroom and teaching laboratory. Instructor's Guides include supplemental writing assignments, ethics case studies, and student guides for reporting experimental results.


Please see our Education Resources page for a full list of lectures and information currently available.

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