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Training Support Program

If you are holding a course on molecular biology we can offer you a 30% discount off the products to be used in the course.

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GoTaqqPCR Master Mix - up to 50% for 12 months!
GoTaq qPCR Master Mix is a new qPCR reagent that contains a new DNA binding dye that often exhibits greater fluorescence than SYBR® Green. Combined with the GoTaq Hot Start and an optimized buffer, GoTaq qPCR Master Mix provides robust real-time PCR with increased reliability, reproducibility and sensitivity.  The first customers to try this product and compare it to what they are currently using qualify for 50% off the product for an entire year.

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GoScript GoScript Reverse Transcriptase

This new product delivers robust, reliable cDNA synthesis optimized for qPCR assays for both long and rare transcripts and is RT-qPCR-qualified.  Try a free sample today!

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GoTaqTwo-Step RT-qPCR
This kit combines the excellent sensitivity of our new GoScript reverse transcriptase with the ultra-bright fluorescence of our GoTaq qPCR Master Mix in one place...  This product is also part of the GoTaq qPCR Challenge and you could earn up to 50% off for 12 months for sharing your data on our website.

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General DNA and RNA purification systems
All Wizard® SV DNA and SV RNA systems offer the convenience and simplicity of silica-membrane technology to purify nucleic acids, eliminating the need for traditional organic extraction and ethanol precipitation.

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Get a free Welch Vacuum Pump! Switch to the vacuum format for improved performance
Packages are available for Plasmid DNA, Genomic DNA, DNA Fragments and RNA purification.

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Measure ADP levels directly with this accurate, sensitive, and universal kinase assay

ADP-Glo Kinase Assay is a luminescent assay that measures ADP formation from a kinase reaction.  ADP is converted into ATP, which is converted into light by Ultra-Glo luciferase.  The assay is well suited for measuring the effects chemical compounds have on the activity of a broad range of purified kinases making it ideal for both primary screening as well as kinase selectivity profiling.  The ADP-Kinase Assay can be used to monitor the activity of virtually any ADP-generating enzyme (e.g., kinase or ATPase) using up to 1mM ATP.


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New ADME Assay

The UGT-Glo™ Assay provides a luminescent method for measuring UDP glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) activity. UGTs are an important family of Phase II metabolizing enzymes in humans.  Complete assay systems are available for UGT1A1 and UGT2B7.


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Simplify your Mass Spectra by using Immobilized Trypsin
Promega trypsin now comes in a convenient immobilized format.  Immobilized Trypsin provides a fast and convenient method for digesting purified or complex proteins over a wide range of concentrations. With the spin column format, digested peptides are easily separated from the Immobilized Trypsin, reducing enzyme interference during analysis.

We have a limited number of samples available. 


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