2015 Promega Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility

2015 Promega Corporate Responsibility Report

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People Care

At Promega, we believe that work should be more than simply a job; it should be an avenue for employees to grow and find personal fulfillment. When there is an alignment of individual strengths, interests and overall company vision, a synergetic relationship can be nurtured between employees and the company in which each party responds to and supports the other.

We take pride in how our work helps to improve the lives of others, which would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our employees. We value the contributions employees make and heavily invest in supporting their well-being and growth.

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“I find it no small thing that Promega, where people are trained for systems thinking, scientific innovation, precision, and quality, is also a place where the grounds are cultivated to support the expansive, dynamic and personal work of human flourishing. Call it right brain, left brain integration, yin and yang balance…it is a healthy sign of a business and culture poised to thrive and grow through complexity.” Malynn Utzinger, Director, Integrative Practices

Promega Culture

As with all activities in a business, the overarching principles that guide the culture and daily values must be clearly articulated and actualized to provide context for decision making. Our organization strives to be as unique as its people, with respect for different personalities, values and direction. The psychology of the organization – the “cultural DNA” – provides a critical foundation through which all other company principles and operations are shaped. For Promega, these principles include:

  1. The organization supports the personal aspirations of employees and others who work with us in meeting our goals.
  2. Underlying structures reinforce the primary goal of personal development, including:
    1. Organizational reporting and decision-making
    2. Physical work environments, including design, lighting, communication systems and access to information
    3. Priority for the things people need to do their best work
    4. A capital structure that supports the primary organizational goals and values. Economic metrics give us guidance on sustainable business practice, but are not the primary drivers for business decisions
    5. Selection and support of employees entering the organization that reflect our value
  3. The nature of the work is based on the premise that life science research and related discoveries have been and will continue to be important to society and human development. Our contribution to this field is to design and supply products, systems and procedures that simplify this research and give more reliable and accurate results.

Employee Health and Safety

The Promega Environmental Health and Safety programs are committed to establishing, maintaining and continuously improving our working environment for the safety and wellbeing of all employees and the communities in which we operate. Wellbeing extends beyond physical health. Our hope is for our employees to experience the richness of life with work, family and personal growth. We offer comprehensive benefits programs at all global locations based on country norms.

Promoting Wellness through Healthy and Active Lifestyles

We strive to create a culture of wellness as we believe a healthy and vibrant workforce is more productive. Mental and physical wellness are equally important with facilities provided at our headquarters for meditation, yoga, exercise and other activities to meet individual needs. In July 2013, Promega was highlighted in a Huffington Post article showcasing the important role of health and wellness at all global locations.

  • Annual Promega Fun 5K Walk/Run

    Annual Promega Fun 5K Walk/Run

    Each fall Promega sponsors a fun walk/run for our employees and their families. In addition to promoting healthy and active lifestyles, food and monetary donations are provided to The Second Harvest Food Pantry.

  • Supporting Employee Teams

    Promega supports employee sports teams and running/walking teams globally. At our Madison campus, 42 individuals participated in events that supported charitable causes in 2014.

  • ‘Race of the Companies’

    Spanish Race of the Companies

    Promega Biotech Ibérica employees participated in the ‘Race of the Companies’ (Carrera de las Empresas) in Madrid, Spain. This annual event brings together 9,000 participants in either a 6km or a 10km run.

  • Bike to Work

    Bike to Work

    Promega supports employee Bike-to-Work groups worldwide, from Wisconsin, USA, to the United Kingdom. Bike racks and repair kits are available at every building in Madison and at several branch locations . Additionally, Promega offers bicycle commuter benefits, offering $20 per month tax free for cycling related expenses in the United States.

    Promega Biosciences in California is a Bike Friendly Business and has won local bike month challenges in the past.

  • Team Building Activities

    Outdoor Activities

    Many locations hold social events outdoors to encourage an appreciation of the natural world and active lifestyles. In 2014, Promega Korea, Korea Biosystems and Promega France had a skiing days for employees. Promega Biosciences in California celebrated their 15-year anniversary with an afternoon of paintball.

  • Relaxed Body and Mind

    The Promega branch and distribution hub in Mannheim, Germany offer free massages to employees each month. Promega Sweden and Promega Benelux have massage chairs on-site for employees.

  • Fitness Facilities

    Wellness Center

    All North American locations offer on-site facilities and programs to support employee wellness. Global locations offer health club reimbursements and financial support for participation in sports if the facility does not offer an on-site fitness room.

    The Madison campus offers basketball and volleyball courts, fully-equipped fitness rooms, walking, jogging and biking trails, and cross-country skiing trails in the winter. A Promega Health Promotion Specialist serves as a resource to provide exercise plans and help employees develop fitness goals. To promote health in body, mind and spirit, the Zen Zone is available on the Madison campus with a steeping pool, steam room, and sauna.

  • Local Produce and On-Site Garden

    Fresh and Local Product in Our Garden

    By serving fresh and local produce from our on-site community garden in Madison, Wisconsin, we promote a culture of wellness. With over 3,000 pounds of vegetables harvested from our garden in 2014 and produce from a network of over three dozen local farms, we were able to serve healthy, organic menus across our campus year-round. Promega offers plots in the community garden for employees to use as their own, and provides starter plants to help promote the sharing of gardening skills.

    Promega Biosciences in California, USA, has a “Produce Swap” program for employees to share excess produce from their home garden with other employees. All fundsfrom this program are donated to the local food bank, as well as the produce grown from fruit trees on the Promega Biosciences property.

  • Work-Life Balance

    France Holiday Party

    We recognize the significant role of family and encourage the strengthening of these connections. From on-site child care in Madison to social gatherings tailored toward children, Promega appreciates the fulfilment families provide and the importance in supporting future generations.

“Promega is very unique as a company. The environment is warm and honest with enthusiasm for individual work and for broader team work where projects can easily exist and grow. Dimensions to make big and honorable things happen are real at Promega.” Maria Drees, General Manager, Promega Italia, S.r.l. (Italy)

Investing in Employee Education, Training and Advancement

Career training and development programs are designed to keep employees abreast of the latest technologies, scientific trends and customer needs. We are committed to the personal and professional growth of all employees throughout the many phases of their career, and work to foster the skills, competencies and talent in our workforce. Our services include programs, resources, workshops, and tools.

Employees collaborating in the Madison office

Quality Systems Training. Many trainings are focused on maintaining high standards in Quality-System-Regulated (QSR) areas. This has provided automated and just-in-time visibility into the training status by individual employee, as well as by training requirements.

Scientific Training. The Scientific Training team designs, develops and implements product and sales trainings for employees around the globe, which are delivered in live and virtual classrooms. In 2014 there were over 2,400 attendees of 36 webcast courses, and 8 live classroom courses. Live courses were offered at facilities in Madison, WI, and Lyon, France, at the Promega Europe Training and Applications Laboratory (PETAL). PETAL training addresses the training needs of European, Middle Eastern and African employees.

Language Training. English lessons are provided at Promega KK in Japan and at Promega offices in Korea to help employees improve communication with international customers, colleagues, and host guests from different countries.

With dedicated training departments and comprehensive training facilities in the United States, Europe, and branch offices in Asia, we make every effort to provide all employees with the resources they need to advance their career.

Human Rights and Diversity

Respecting Human Rights

As a member to the UN Global Compact, Promega follows all regulations regarding employment and has zero tolerance for violations of human rights. We are committed to upholding and advancing The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in how our business develops productive relationships around the world to continue working cooperatively among different customs and cultures. Issues that we take very seriously include:

  • Protection of children from exploitation
  • Protection of all workers from compulsory labor
  • Payment of at least minimum wages
  • Safe working conditions

Promega complies with all local workplace regulations and ensures that our employees and community members are treated with respect and dignity. We hold the same expectations for our suppliers and look to align with organizations that uphold international human rights and labor standards.

Valuing Diversity

Promega Biotech Ibérica in Spain has been recognized by the city of Alcobendas with the Municipal Award for Reconciliation and Equal Opportunities
Promega Biotech Ibérica in Spain has been recognized by the city of Alcobendas with the Municipal Award for Reconciliation and Equal Opportunities.

As a global company, we believe in and practice equal opportunity and affirmative action. We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages and experiences. With offices in 16 culturally diverse locations, the organization benefits from the unique cultures and experiences of all employees. Women represent approximately 45% of employees worldwide and occupy 42% of management positions in the United States. Promega Biotech Ibérica was again recognized for the commitment to human rights and equal opportunity employment being awarded "Alcobendas Concilia".