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ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell or Tissue Miniprep Systems

Precious samples, sensitive assays, low copy messages – the effectiveness of RNA purification sets the stage for downstream results.

The new ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell Miniprep System recovers RNA from precious samples containing as few as 100 cells and the ReliaPrep™ RNA Tissue Miniprep System processes tissue samples as small as 0.25mg and both allow elution in 15µl or less providing concentrated, pure RNA ready for analysis.

Consistently isolate intact, high purity RNA from:

  • Precious 100 cell to abundant >106 cell samples
  • Limiting 0.25mg to large 20mg tissue samples

Elute usable, concentrated RNA in as little as 7µl.

Improve downstream assays with purified RNA, free of inhibitors.

Enhance your safety – no phenol/chloroform used.

Avoid the smell and hazard – no ß-mercaptoethanol required.

View data generated by other scientists, try ReliaPrep RNA purification and share your data for a chance to receive a discount on RNA products from Promega.

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Rules and Rewards

“…gave me clean RNA from my difficult unhappy cells!”

“A very good kit for extracting total RNA from a very small amount of starting material”

“What I love best is the small elution volume, before I had to use RNA concentrator columns on my purified RNA”

Shared data!

RNA was isolated from increasing amounts of kidney tissue using various elution schemes. Yield was determined by absorbance spectroscopy using a Nanodrop®1000 instrument. The table shows the yield from 0.25, 0.5 and 1mg tissue amounts.

Effect of elution on yield of RNA from mouse kidney


RNA was isolated from 5–20mg of mouse kidney (A), liver (B) or spleen (C). RNA was analyzed using a Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 instrument with a RNA nano 6000 chip. Samples were processed in triplicate. RIN values obtained for all samples were above 8.0 (D).

Quality of RNA isolated from various mouse tissues

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RNA Extraction kit comparisons

Kit Starting Material Elution Volume (µl) Conc. (ng/µl) A260/A280 A260/A280 Total RNA Yield
Promega Reliaprep™ RNA Cell Miniprep System ~4 x 106 SVF from adipose tissue, negative fraction after CD11b +ve selection, spun and flash frozen cells 30 46.85 2.05 2.2 1.38µg

Promega SV Total RNA Isolation System

100 10.3 1.95 0.54 1.03µg
30 34.85 2.17 0.63 1.05µg
Ambion PureLink® RNA Mini Kit 41.35 2.13 0.94 1.24µg


30 94.5 1.79 0.35 2.85µg
Bioline ISOLATE II RNA Mini Kit 30 26.3 2.1 0.97 0.789µg

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RNA was isolated in parallel from 100,000 HeLa Cells. RNA was eluted in various volumes from 7µl to 20µl. For 10 and 7µl elutions, the initial elute was re-applied to the columns and passed through the membrane a second time allowing more complete recovery of RNA and higher concentration. The % recovery is normalized to the recommended elution volume of 15µl.

RNA Recovery (100,000 HeLaCells Input)

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RNA was isolated in duplicate experiments and analyzed using an Agilent Bioanalyzer. Data is representative of traces obtained. RNA obtained using the ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell Miniprep System typically exhibit RIN values of 8.5 to 10.

RNA data

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RNA was isolated from decreasing numbers of HeLa cells with ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell Miniprep System or a competing system. RNA was quantitated using a qPCR-based quantitation method.

RNA yield from HeLa cells (quantitation via qPCR)

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RNA was purified in parallel from various numbers of HeLa cells either with a competing method or with the ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell Miniprep System. RNA was added to TaqMan RT-1PCR assays adding from to 9.5µl of RNA. Following amplification, the qPCR Cq data was analyzed to determine relative concentration for all amplifications. The data was then normalized to the 1µl input sample data for comparison. Green = 90-100%, Yellow = 80-90% and Red = <80% of the 1µl sample.

Isolate RNA free of inhibitors

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