Normalization & STR Analysis

Identity Automation™ for Normalization and PowerPlex® setup delivers extensive user control of PCR setup with the flexible STR Normalization Manager™ software. With an interface that is intuitive and efficient, the robot may become the most popular tool in the lab.

  • Efficient STR typing requires consistent sample dilution, effective reaction setup and robust chemistry.
  • Identity Automation™ provides flexible, thoughtful and integrated sample normalization and PowerPlex® amplification setup.
  • Identity Automation™ for normalization and PowerPlex® system amplification setup uses the STR Normalization Manager™ to increase control and functionality.

STR Normalization Manager™

The STR Normalization Manager™ adds control and functionality to the automation of STR amplification setup.

  • Auto-recognition of control names from sample plate
  • Laboratory-defined templates for reviewing quantitation data, dispensing samples and controls, and spacing for post-amplification controls (allelic ladder)
  • Easy day-to-day use with graphical review of plates
  • Extensive reporting options for records use, export to LIMS or CE instrumentation

Learn more about the STR Normalization Manager in a webinar by Cris Cowan, R&D Manager of Promega's Integrated Solutions & Engineering Group.


  • Reduce total dilution and setup time by twofold or more per plate. Reduce hands-on time from 2+ hours to approximately 10 minutes.
  • Dilute even the most concentrated samples—up to 10,000-fold sample dilution through two steps.
  • Automate creation and dispensing of amplification mix.
  • Greatly reduce chance of sample mix-up from error-prone human transfer steps. All transfers are completed by robot and reported through the software.

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