DNA Isolation

The DNA IQ™ System has been proven over 10 years in forensic casework, offender databasing and relationship testing. The Identity Automation™ package provides additional hardware, accessories and consumables to allow high-throughput use of the DNA IQ™ System on supported platforms.

The DNA IQ™ Interface

  • The DNA IQ™ Interface for Beckman Coulter Biomek® NXP allows flexible processing options within the same plate. User can define different handling and elution volumes for each sample.
  • Interface provides simple picture of how much reagent to add based on run parameters.


  • Isolate DNA from 96 samples with just minutes of hands-on time.
  • Remove PCR inhibitors with optimized resin and improved washing.
  • Remove "carryover reagents" that can inhibit STR amplification with the new versions of the DNA IQ™ methods.
  • Extract DNA from many stains or liquid samples. See list of sample types

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