Custom Assay Materials Order Form

We have developed a number of specific Toxicity Pathway Reporters and Cell Lines, which are currently available for sale by Quote. Simply mark all those of interest and we will contact you with pricing and delivery time lines.

Note that some materials vary in the selectable marker (e.g., Hygro vs. Puro) or the luc gene portion by a unique PEST sequence (e.g., luc2P vs. luc2CP). Please ensure that you select the desired construct.

Custom materials are developed by the Custom Assay Services team within R&D. Although functionally tested, they are not manufactured under the Promega ISO13485 quality system and are sold “as is” with no warranty either stated or implied.

Pathway Response Element Name
1 ARE pGL4[luc2P/NRF2/Hygro] Vector
2 CMV pGL4[hRlucP/CMV/Hygro] Vector
3 CMV pGL4[luc2P/CMV/Hygro] Vector
4 MinP pGL4[hRlucP/minP/Hygro] Vector
5 p53 pGL4[hRlucP/p53-RE/Hygro] Vector
6 p53 pGL4[luc2P/p53-RE/Hygro] Vector
7 p53 pGL4[luc2P/p53-RE/Puro] Vector
8 ATF4 pGL4[luc2P/ATF4-RE/Hygro] Vector
9 ATF6 pGL4[luc2P/ATF6-RE/Hygro] Vector
10 MTF1 pGL4[luc2P/MTF1-RE/Hygro] Vector
11 HSE pGL4[luc2P/HSE-RE/Hygro] Vector
12 HIF1 pGL4[hRlucP/HIF1-RE/Hygro] Vector
13 HIF1 pGL4[luc2P/HIF1-RE/Hygro] Vector
14 AP1 pGL4[hRlucP/AP1-RE/Hygro] Vector
15 AP1 pGL4[luc2P/AP1-RE/Hygro] Vector
16 Myc pGL4[luc2P/Myc/Hygro] Vector
17 AhR pGL4[luc2P/XRE-RE/Hygro] Vector
Pathway Response Element Cell line background
1 ARE HEK293
2 HIF1 HEK293
4 AP1 HEK293
5 SRE HEK293
6 SRF HEK293



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