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We have developed a number of specific HaloTag® Vectors, which are currently available for sale by Quote. Simply mark all those of interest and we will contact you with pricing and delivery time lines.

Custom materials are developed by the Custom Assay Services team within R&D. Although functionally tested, they are not manufactured under the Promega ISO13485 quality system and are sold “as is” with no warranty either stated or implied.

Promoter Tag (location) Vector Name (E. coli selection)
HaloTag® (C-terminal) pFC200A HaloTag® RM Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag® (C-terminal) pFC201A HaloTag® TK Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag® (C-terminal) pFC202A HaloTag® SV40 Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag® (N-terminal) pFC203A HaloTag® PGK-neo Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag® (C-terminal) pFC204A HaloTag® PGK-neo Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag® (N-terminal) pFN205K HaloTag® EF1α-neo Flexi® Vector (Kan)
HaloTag® (C-terminal) pFC206K HaloTag® CMVd1-neo Flexi® Vector (Kan)
HaloTag® (C-terminal) pFC207K HaloTag® CMVd2-neo Flexi® Vector (Kan)
HaloTag® (N-terminal) pFN208K HaloTag® CMVd1-neo Flexi® Vector (Kan)
HaloTag® (N-terminal) pFN209K HaloTag® CMVd2-neo Flexi® Vector (Kan)
SS*-HaloTag® (N-terminal) pFN210A SS-HaloTag® CMV-neo Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag®-NLS** (C-terminal) pFC211A HaloTag®-NLS CMVd1 Flexi® Vector (Amp)
HaloTag®-NLS** (C-terminal) pFC212A HaloTag®-NLS CMVd2 Flexi® Vector (Amp)

* Signal Sequence
** Nuclear Localization Signal

Name Construct Cell Line Background
HaloTag®-ECS U2OS (G418 selection)



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