GloSensor™ Custom Assay Materials Order Form

We have developed a number of unique reporters for GPCR studies based on the GloSensor™ Technology of live-cell bionsensors for second messengers. See for additional information on GloSensor™ variants.

These tools can be used for biochemical characterization, as end-point assays in cells, or in kinetic (live) cell-based assays. In addition, we have created a number of cell lines using different GloSensor™ constructs. All are available for sale by Quote. Simply mark all those of interest and we will contact you with pricing and delivery time lines.

Custom materials are developed by the Custom Assay Services team within R&D. Although functionally tested, they are not manufactured under the Promega ISO13485 quality system and are sold “as is” with no warranty either stated or implied.

Second Messenger Construct Variant Plasmid Name
21F pGloSensor™-21F cAMP
22F pGloSensor™-22F cAMP
23F pGloSensor™-23F cAMP
40F pGloSensor™-40F cGMP
42F pGloSensor™-42F cGMP
cAMP Stable Cell Lines Description Cell Background
Double stable expressing DRD1 receptor HEK293
Double stable expressing DRD2 receptor HEK293
Maximum dynamic range in HEK293 cell background HEK293
Optimized biosensor for CHO cell background CHO-K1
Multiplexed readout for cAMP and Ca2+ pathways HEK293
Double stable expressing MC4 receptor HEK293
Double stable expressing rat Y2 receptor (Gi-coupled) CHO
cGMP Stable Cell Lines Recommended Applications Cell Background
pGloSensor™-40F cGMP with 2.5µM EC50 in vitro HEK293
pGloSensor™-42F cGMP with 0.5µM EC50 in vitro HEK293



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