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Promega @cademy: Future Webinars

Please find below a list of our upcoming webinars. If the subject of your choice is not available you can request a new webinar topic on the request page or take a look at our previous webinars.

Type Date Subject Information
Specialist Webinars  Tuesday
Overcoming Challenges of Protein Analysis in Mammalian Systems Information and Registration 
Specialist Webinars  Thursday
Genetic Identity webinar
Development and validation of a 21-locus STR Multiplex
Information and Registration 

*Explanation types of webinars

There are two different webinars: basic webinars and specialist webinars.

Basic Webinars
Basic webinars
address the basics of specific topics and technologies, such as genetic reporters or apoptosis. They are especially useful for students, technicians and junior scientists in general.

Specialist Webinars
Specialist webinars
address more specialized topics and are useful for PhD students and senior scientists.


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