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Promega @cademy webinar: "Using HaloTag technologies in Cell-Free Translation systems"


The Promega @cademy provides a tailored programme of non-commercial live webinars, covering a wide range of scientific topics, from very basic concepts to highly technical research presentations. We would like to invite you for the free webinar, which will be held on Monday May 23, 2011. The title is: "Using HaloTag technologies in Cell-Free Translation systems".


Specialist Webinars

This is a specialist webinar. Specialist webinars address more specialized topics and are useful for PhD students and senior scientists.



HaloTag® Technology is a platform technology that enables the understanding of protein
function in vivo and in vitro. The technology is based on the efficient formation of a covalent bond between a specially designed HaloTag reporter protein, a 34.1kDa modified hydrolase, and unique HaloTag ligands in living cells, in solution or on a solid support. Coupling this technology with Cell-Free Translation systems allow the researchers to detect, capture, and perform functional assays on solid supports with their protein of interest. In this presentation, we focus on applications of a cell-free expressed kinase, PKA.

This webinar will be presented by Brad Hooks PhD, Sr Application Scientist, Promega Corporation Madison

his webinar was presented in the past so registration is not possible

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