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Promega @cademy webinar: "Detection and Applications of Cell-Free expressed proteins"


The Promega @cademy provides a tailored programme of non-commercial live webinars, covering a wide range of scientific topics, from very basic concepts to highly technical research presentations. The title of this webinar is: "Detection and Applications of Cell-Free expressed proteins".

 Basic Webinars
This is a basic webinar. Basic webinars address the basics of specific topics and technologies. They are especially useful for students, technicians and junior scientists in general.



Cell-free expression is a convenient method for rapidly producing protein. Coupled transcription-translation systems provide the advantage of using plasmid DNA as the temple for cell-free expression with no need to first transcript the DNA. The researcher not only has flexibility in which template to use, but also in which system to use as there are now mammalian, plant, bacterial and insect cells systems. Protein detection is a requirement for most applications. Traditionally, one would add radioactive [35S]-methionine to their cell-free expression reactions. With increased regulations on radioactivity, researchers are now using other detection methods such as Fluorotech, Transcend, and Western blotting. Researchers are using cell-free expressed proteins in many applications including protein:protein pulldowns, protein:nucleuic acid shift assays, and enzymatic assays. With new systems that can produce large amounts of protein, researchers are expanding this list of applications.

This webinar was presented by Brad Hook PhD, Sr Application Scientist, Promega Corporation Madison

This webinar was presented in the past so registration is not possible




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