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Promega @cademy Webinar:
"Why should I use Bioluminescent Reporter Genes"


The Promega @cademy provides a tailored programme of non-commercial live webinars, covering a wide range of scientific topics, from very basic concepts to highly technical research presentations.
The title of this webinar is: "Why should I use Bioluminescent Reporter Genes"

Basic WebinarsThis is a Basic webinar, these webinars address the basics of specific topics and technologies, such as genetic reporters or apoptosis. They are especially useful for students, technicians and junior scientists in general.



Genetic reporters are very valuable tools to research. The use of bioluminescence (emission of light that follows the absorption of energy generated by an enzymatically-catalyzed biochemical reaction) as a read-out for genetic reporters (luciferase reporter genes) raises great advantages in terms of sensitivity, background, dynamic range and experimental conditions.

The aim of this webinar is first to explain the principle of luciferase reporter assays and how they can be used to generate more reliable data (normalization), and then to review different applications of the luciferase genetic reporter technology using experimental examples. Finally, this webinar addresses step-by-step the important considerations to set up a luciferase genetic reporter assay.


This webinar was presented in the past so registration is not possible

Additional Tools

Introduction to Bioluminescence Assays
This animation shows how we exploit the chemistry of the bioluminescent reaction to create a suite of robust and sensitive biological assays. Genetic Reporter Assays, ATP Assays, and Luciferin Substrate Assays are presented
(view animation).

Introduction to Reporter Gene Assays
This animation introduces the concept of reporter gene assays, using the Dual-Luciferase® Assay as a model
(view animation).

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